Bruce Cairns for State Senate

Urgent Reply Memorandum


To:    Senator Bruce Cairns
         16748 East Smoky Hill Road
         PMB 298
         Aurora, Colorado 80015

Dear Bruce,

        Please continue our fight for strong conservative leadership for Colorado!

        We must finish what we started -- cut taxes, reduce wasteful government spending, give parents more say with their children's education and protect our traditional family values.

        To help you raise the necessary funds so you can take on the radical left-wing special interest groups, I am enclosing my most generous contribution of:


___ $100.00    ___ $150.00    ___ $200.00    ___ Other $______.___
Please make checks payable to "Cairns to Senate"

Occupation:__________________________________  Employer: _________________________
Authorized by Cairns to Senate.  An individual may contribute up to $200.00 per election per candidate.  A husband and wife may write a $400.00 check on a joint account.  State law allows personal checks only.  Corporation checks are not allowed.  Political contributions are not tax deductible for state income tax purposes.  State law requires committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employer for each individual whose contribution aggregate is in excess of $100.00 in a calendar year.