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Ten Commandments

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April 21, 1999

Honorable Bill Owens
Governor, Colorado
State Capital
Denver, Colorado 80203

Honorable Elsie Lacy
State Senator
State Capital
Denver, Colorado 80203 

Honorable Nancy Spence
State Representative
State Capital
Denver, Colorado 80203

Dear Governor, Senator, Representative,

You three are the ones that represent us, both in the executive, and both houses of the Legislature! I thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my forthcoming idea. 

Of course, you all know I tried to join you at the capital, through my 1996 Senate Primary. If I were there Thursday morning, tomorrow, you would hear me trying to find a way to present this idea. Since I am not there, may I depend on you to listen to the idea and carry it forth?

Governor, your statement of concern and thoughts and prayers for the injured's and deceased's families helped to inspire my idea, although it, as a value, has always been a thought and belief of mine. What is the proposal?

Values have been systematically removed from our schools over the last 30 plus years. It's like we took God and our Judeo-Christian heritage out and brought condoms and the dark side influence in. It's not my intent to throw out to a bunch of cliches with conservative buzzword's that cause people to react.

Today in Littleton's Columbine high school we heard, saw images, and some of you observed in person one of the worst carnages in American school history. All know how awful it was, but why did they do it? We'll know more later. In my opinion, two factors stand out very strongly. Nobody is being taught an old-fashioned view of right and wrong. Nobody is being taught the value of life. Doesn't it seem like there is no view of right and wrong, and there seems no concept of absolutes?

The proposal: Before the end of this session, lets offer and pass legislation restoring the Ten Commandments to every classroom in our state. Certainly there are procedures regarding late legislation, sponsorship, and a great legal cry rising up. This will also be viewed as simplistic. Even the perpetrators of this horrible terrorism must have been quite troubled in their thoughts and feelings. Many questions will be asked. The biggest issue, in my opinion, is did these kids ever have someone teach than right and wrong? We need to get back to the basics and teach kids that its is wrong to kill.

"THOU SHALT NOT KILL." We can argue security, guns, up bringing, sociology, psychology, religion, and educational policies. Is it not time to agree absolute traditional values must be brought to bear on our children's upbringing? Today the phrase keeps running through my mind, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH."

How can this be done? Teach these ideas that come from a Judeo-Christian ethic as part of the heritage of the history of Western Thought. I will offer is proposal for a very simple law. I can not presume upon your many years of writing laws, I just humbly submit these thoughts.

1.The Colorado Legislature declares a need for emergency legislation in response to school terrorism.
2. The Legislature, laws, religion, and people of Colorado teach that certain things are wrong.
3. The 1990' s decade in Colorado has had gang, rampage, and school terrorist killings. Children young must be taught killing and other bad behaviors are wrong.
4. Without apology the Colorado Legislature declares that the behavior goals, demands, and legal history - known as The Ten Commandments will be placed in every public classroom in Colorado.
5. The Colorado Legislature respects and recognizes courts and respect of the First Amendment have restricted the use of posting these traditional teachings. This is not to establish a state religion.
6. This law is not enacted in rebellion or defiance of courts and regulations. It is enacted because of carnage occurring April 20, 1999.
7. This law does not establish a religion or state religion. This law recognizes not one religion above the other. This law is based on the long history of Western Thought that has included the Judeo-Christian ethic. This law does not demand that anyone follow or believe the Bible. It just teaches the history of the values taught from one generation to the other in Western society.
8. The Colorado statute is established because regardless of what is known as "Religious Theology" is not taught here. What are taught are the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, main line Protestant, Evangelical Protestant, and Jewish history of ethics, and basis of our legal systems. Since all these religions represent the majority of Americans this is to be taught as our rich Colorado and American heritage of ethical values.
9. No one is required to teach this as dogma, nor is anyone to present it as dogma. It's for the discussion of why America has values and why and how it has worked. For example in America contracts work because people do the requirements because they do not LIE. It is to be discussed in class. If the teacher has a conscience objection to the Ten Commandments, that person is to ask the children what they think and feel, and let the children discuss their thoughts. No teacher shall be penalized in for stating they do believe in the 10 commandments and that they are true.

Thank you for considering this challenge. I will try and fax somehow, today, Wednesday. 


Bruce E. Cairns


Rep. Paschal
Rep. McPherson
Sen. Andrews
Sen. Arnold
Sen. Congrove
Sen. Lamborn
Rep. Dean
Treasurer Coffman
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