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House Resolution 04-1006


BY REPRESENTATIVES Wiens, Berry, Borodkin, Boyd, Briggs, Brophy, Butcher, Cadman, Carroll, Cerbo, Clapp, Cloer, Coleman, Crane, Decker, Fairbank, Frangas, Garcia, Hall, Harvey, Hefley, Hodge, Hoppe, Jahn, Johnson R., Judd, King, Larson, Lee, Lundberg, Madden, Marshall, May M., McCluskey, McFadyen, McGihon, Merrifield, Miller, Mitchell, Paccione, Plant, Pommer, Ragsdale, Rhodes, Rippy, Romanoff, Rose, Salazar, Schultheis, Sinclair, Smith, Spence, Spradley, Stafford, Stengel, Tochtrop, Vigil, Weddig, Weissmann, Welker, White, Williams S., Williams T., Witwer, and Young; 

also SENATORS Cairns, Evans, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Chlouber, Dyer, Entz, Fitz-Gerald, Gordon, Groff, Grossman, Hagedorn, Hanna, Hillman, Isgar, Johnson S., Jones, Keller, Kester, Lamborn, May R., McElhany, Nichol, Owen, Phillips, Reeves, Sandoval, Takis, Tapia, Taylor, Teck, Tupa, Veiga, and Windels. 


WHEREAS, Our volunteer military is one of the best in the world; and 

WHEREAS, A key to the success of this force is its ability to combine active duty troops from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines with the citizen soldiers of the Colorado Reserve and National Guard; and

WHEREAS, Throughout the history of this state Coloradans have contributed commendable service to this country, and currently Colorado is the proud home of active military bases as well as the "Home of Heroes", which has produced 5 Congressional Medal of Honor winners; and 

WHEREAS, The War on Terrorism may go on for many years and may consist of smaller deployments of troops requiring mass support and rapid response; and 

WHEREAS, There is a great reliance on our Colorado Reserve and National Guard units; and 

WHEREAS, Currently there are over 3,000 Colorado citizen soldiers who have been called up to fight this War on Terrorism both at home and abroad; and 

WHEREAS, These citizen soldiers are our friends and neighbors; people who live, work, and raise their families here in Colorado; and 

WHEREAS, These citizen soldiers are standing in the gap for us, activated to fill an essential need, protecting us both here at home and abroad from those who wish us harm; and 

WHEREAS, While these citizen soldiers stand in the gap for us in our armed forces, keeping the War on Terrorism away from our homes and families, a gap is created in the families they leave behind; and 

WHEREAS, These Colorado Reservists and members of the Colorado National Guard are often not only spouses, but also parents and frequently the primary breadwinners for their families; and 

WHEREAS, The stress and financial difficulties resulting from the gap created by the volunteer's absence adds to the burdens of an already worried family; and

WHEREAS, While limited emergency relief funds do exist to help ease these financial burdens, these funds are not enough. It is unacceptable for us to stand by and let the burdens that our Reservists, National Guard members, and their families face continue to mount. It is time for the people of Colorado to take action and stand in the gap here at home for Colorado's fighting men and women; and 

WHEREAS, Neighbors helping neighbors is a Western tradition that is still alive and well here in Colorado; and 

WHEREAS, We, the people of Colorado, must do our part to ensure that our fighting forces may take comfort in knowing that the entire state of Colorado is helping to fill the gap occasioned by their absence from their families so that they may focus on protecting us; and 

WHEREAS, Our role as citizens in the War on Terrorism is not only to function at a heightened state of vigilance throughout our daily lives in order to help prevent another terrorist attack, but also to ensure that our brave Colorado fighting men and women and their families are supported financially, emotionally, and spiritually; and 

WHEREAS, Currently, no Colorado organization exists that allows citizens to help their fellow citizen soldiers who serve either in the Reserves or National Guard lessen these financial burdens; and 

WHEREAS, Recently, The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc., was formed as a not-for-profit organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code to unite leaders and citizens in working toward a real, financial, and long-term solution for the burdens carried by military families; and

WHEREAS, The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc., aims to provide a method by which Colorado citizens can help by contributing their time, treasure, and talent to assist their fellow Coloradans who are standing in the gap through military service; and 

WHEREAS, The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc., hopes to serve as a catalyst and a focal point for other organizations within the state to help effectively and efficiently reduce the stresses experienced by National Guard and Reserve families here in Colorado; now, therefore, Be It Resolved by the House of Representatives of the Sixty-fourth General Assembly of the State of Colorado, the Senate concurring herein: 
(1) That we, the members of the Sixty-fourth General Assembly, support the efforts of The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc., and urge our fellow Coloradans to join us in taking responsibility for our troops and their families who struggle to help protect us. 
(2) That we, as Colorado citizen legislators, are committed to doing everything humanly possible to address this problem and that we pledge to stand in the gap for Colorado Reservists, National Guard members, and their families in our own districts and throughout Colorado. 
(3) That we encourage our fellow Coloradans to contact The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc., at www.thestandinthegapproject.org to find out how to contribute to this effort, both financially and through the organization of Stand in the Gap events in their own communities. 
(4) That we urge all Coloradans to join in this effort and to continue to work to stand in the gap for our citizen soldiers until they all come safely home.

Be It Further Resolved, That copies of this joint resolution be sent to George W. Bush, President of the United States; Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States; Donald H. Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense; J. Dennis Hastert, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives; Ted Stevens, President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate; the members of Colorado's congressional delegation; The Stand in the Gap Project, Inc.; and the local affiliates of the Colorado Reserve and National Guard. 

____________________________                   ____________________________ 
Lola Spradley                                                                                        John Andrews 
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE                                                          PRESIDENT OF 
OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                   THE SENATE 

____________________________                   ____________________________ 
Judith Rodrigue                                                                                       Mona Heustis 
CHIEF CLERK OF THE HOUSE                                                 SECRETARY OF 
OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                   THE SENATE
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