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Senate Resolution 03-013


BY SENATOR(S) Cairns, Taylor, Anderson, Andrews, Arnold, Chlouber, Dyer, Entz, Evans, Fitz-Gerald, Gordon, Grossman, Hagedorn, Hanna, Hillman, Isgar, Johnson S., Jones, Keller, Kester, Lamborn, Linkhart, May R., McElhany, Nichol, Owen, Reeves, Sandoval, Takis, Tapia, Tate, Teck, Tupa, and Windels; 

also REPRESENTATIVE(S) Fritz, Berry, Borodkin, Boyd, Briggs, Brophy, Butcher, Cadman, Clapp, Cloer, Coleman, Crane, Decker, Fairbank, Frangas, Garcia, Groff, Hall, Harvey, Hefley, Hodge, Hoppe, Jahn, Johnson R., Judd, King, Larson, Lee, Lundberg, Madden, Marshall, May M., McCluskey, McFadyen, Merrifield, Miller, Mitchell, Paccione, Plant, Pommer, Ragsdale, Rhodes, Rippy, Romanoff, Rose, Salazar, Sanchez, Schultheis, Sinclair, Smith, Spence, Spradley, Stafford, Stengel, Tochtrop, Veiga, Vigil, Weddig, Weissmann, White, Wiens, Williams S., Williams T., Witwer, and Young. 


WHEREAS, On February 1, 2003, the space shuttle Columbia broke apart over Texas during reentry, only minutes before its scheduled landing; and 

WHEREAS, The seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia were Rick D. Husband, William C. McCool, Michael P. Anderson, David M. Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark, and Ilan Ramon; and 

WHEREAS, The sixteen-day mission was dedicated strictly to scientific research, and the seven crew members worked on more than eighty experiments; and 

WHEREAS, The seven members of the crew loved their work and were dedicated to the mission of the space shuttle Columbia; and 

WHEREAS, The seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia comprised one of the youngest crews ever, with four of the seven making their first trip into space; and 

WHEREAS, The seven Columbia astronauts are remembered not only as brave pilots, but also as friends, neighbors, and parents; and 

WHEREAS, Prior to the mission, the seven astronauts expressed their desire for the continuation of the space program in the event of an accident; and 

WHEREAS, The space shuttle Columbia is the first space vehicle to be lost upon reentry since NASA's inception in 1958; and 

WHEREAS, President Bush has shown his support for the families of the seven astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia, and will fly to the Johnson Space Center near Houston, Texas for a memorial service in their honor; and 

WHEREAS, All hearing or reading this resolution are urged to keep the astronauts and their families in our thoughts and prayers; and 

WHEREAS, The tragedy of losing the space shuttle Columbia and its crew unites our nation in sorrow, but also unites us in our determination to continue space exploration; and 

WHEREAS, The United States space program has provided invaluable contributions to the world; and 

WHEREAS, Rather than shy away from space exploration and research, the United States should seek to improve the safety of its space vehicles by making them more technologically advanced; now, therefore, 

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty-fourth General Assembly of the State of Colorado, the House of Representatives concurring herein: That we, the members of the General Assembly, remember and pay tribute to the seven dedicated men and women who were lost on board the space shuttle Columbia, and support NASA in its investigation to determine the cause of this tragedy. 

Be It Further Resolved, That copies of this Joint Resolution be sent to President George W. Bush, to each member of Colorado's congressional delegation, to NASA, and to the families of the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Columbia. 

____________________________                    ____________________________ 
John Andrews                                                                                         Lola Spradley 
PRESIDENT OF                                                           SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE 
THE SENATE                                                                    OF REPRESENTATIVES 

____________________________                    ____________________________ 
Mona Heustis                                                                                        Judith Rodrigue 
SECRETARY OF                                                  CHIEF CLERK OF THE HOUSE 
THE SENATE                                                                    OF REPRESENTATIVES
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